I am available for comic book style art or caricature commissions. UK rates for A4 size are £14.99 figure only; £16.99 figure & background shading/detail. For A3 size, £19.99 figure only; £29.99 figure & background shading/detail. Overseas or more complex commissions, please inquire. E-mail me if you have any questions, requests or proposals.

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Terror at Bell's End lineart Lovecraftian The Bride Frankie Bette Noir Club Vamporama 1 Cover Colour Club Vamporama 1 Cover Tones Thanos Tones Thanos Pencil Frankenstein Zombie Brains Peter Capaldi Peter Davison Tom Baker Jon Pertwee Patrick Troughton Octobriana Ellen Ripley & Lisbeth Salander

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