I am available for comic book style art, caricature or portrait commissions. UK rates for A4 size are £14.99 figure/caricature/portrait only; £19.99 figure/caricature/portrait plus background shading/detail. For A3 size, £19.99 figure only; £29.99 figure & background shading/detail. Overseas or more complex commissions, please inquire. E-mail me if you have any questions, requests or proposals.

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New Gods Inks on Gil Kane Green Lantern Terror at Bells End lineart The Bride Bette Noir Club Vamporama 1 Cover Colour Club Vamporama 1 Cover Tones Thanos Tones


Shemp Pencil Sketch Doctor Thirteen David Banks Cyberleader Christopher Lee Frankenstein Monster Pencil Christopher Lee as Dracula Peter Cushing as Frankenstein Jon Pertwee for Steve James Whale George Carlin


The Lighter Side 2 The Lighter Side 1 Mummys Club Vamporama: Hail Cthulhu

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